14 good Kodi addons for TV and movies that work in 2022
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14 good Kodi addons for TV and movies that work in 2022

Kodi is a software free and open – source cinema home  that lets you play multimedia content from a vast array of sources. But they don’t come pre-installed, so you need to install some Kodi plugins before you can binge on your favorite movies and TV series.

In your search for add-ons to stream those movies and TV shows, you will come across two types: on the one hand, official Kodi add-ons that you can access through their official addon repository And on the other hand, plugins available through a large number of third-party repositories, such as Exodus or Covenant .

Third-party plugins carry considerably higher risks than addons from the official Kodi repository because those third-party plugins can be used by a hacker to spy on your activities and what you play. They may also include other types of malware capable of silently infecting you, even if you have installed the plugin from an apparently reliable source. Since third-party plugins are not fully approved, they carry considerable privacy and security risks.

In this guide we are going to explain how to watch movies on Kodi and install some of its best plug-ins for TV and video broadcasts. We will also address privacy issues related to popular third-party plugins for such streams.

At the end of the guide we review a useful compilation of the most used third-party addons to watch movies and TV series in Kodi that you can see recommended on other websites. We include an explanation of what each one does, how they transmit the content and what type of content they offer.

The laws and regulations in this regard vary from country to country. For this reason, we recommend that whoever intends to reproduce content through third-party add-ons that offer it “free”, ensure that it is a legal offer and that it is also legal to view such content in their country.

Expert Tip: Whichever plugin you choose, we recommend using a fast and reliable VPN to stream video with Kodi. This way you will keep your security and privacy online . IPVanish is one of the favorite VPNs of the Kodi user community. It works well with all its add-ons and with the most popular devices, including the Amazon Fire Stick. You can save up to 60% here on IPVanish plans .

Before you start: always use a VPN

Before you can install these plugins in Kodi you need to configure their respective repositories. A repository is like a library full of plugins that you can freely install from within Kodi. Some repositories require manual installation, while others, such as Fusion, offer a simple installation wizard to do it with.

Many Kodi users use a VPN to hide what they play from their Internet access provider (ISP). However, there are also many legitimate reasons why you should use a VPN with Kodi. Perhaps one of the most important is the protection of your data. By downloading and installing a Kodi plugin you may be exposing your computer to hackers or spies. It is possible to modify an addon to install viruses on your system. Also to carry out hacks called ” man-in-the-middle” attacks , which allow the hacker to discover everything you do and all your data, including your usernames and passwords.

Also, paid or subscription services often have location restrictions, meaning they only work in certain countries. A VPN manages to solve both problems by encrypting all Internet traffic directed to or coming from the device, so that third parties like your ISP cannot monitor what you do online . Although in any case you will have to be very cautious and install an antivirus to help you detect possible malicious add-ons, these VPN privacy systems can also prevent attacks by an intermediary.

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Warning: you should only use Kodi for content that you have the legal access to. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech defend its use for hacking.

Official Kodi Add-ons for TV and Movies

All of the plugins listed below can be found in the official Kodi plugin repository or elsewhere. It is important to say that none of them offer illegal, pirated content. We recommend these addons because they are usually approved by an official organization, they transmit legal content and are less likely to jeopardize your privacy.

BBC iPlayer

BBC television and radio programs can be accessed through a Kodi add-on called iPlayer WWW. With it you can watch live TV or catch up on TV and radio programs on the BBC iPlayer website. But keep in mind that most of this content is restricted to UK users, so to view them you would have to make your VPN use a server from that country. Not all VPNs work with that service, so check out our article on which VPNs get around the BBC iPlayer block .

It is legal to use BBC iPlayer for UK residents and with a valid television license. 

iPlayer WWW is available in the official add-ons repository for Kodi . To learn more about how to install and use iPlayer WWW, click here .


PlayOn is the best cross-platform solution if you want to integrate paid transmission services such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video in Kodi. For $ 2.50 a month, this streaming DVR saves videos in MP4 format that you can then play back. Includes an option that allows you to skip ads automatically. You need a Windows PC to record the video through the PlayOn Media Server application, but the Kodi plugin itself works on any operating system.

PlayOn is a good option and a completely legal way to unify your payment transmission service accounts and it integrates seamlessly with the Kodi media player.

Subscribe to PlayOn here  (includes 30 days with guaranteed refund). You can find the PlayOn complement to Kodi in its official repository of addons .


YouTube continues to be a very popular source for television series and movies. With the YouTube add-on for Kodi you will be able to find all the series and movies that you could also find on YouTube itself, be it full versions or single videos. But the advantage of using this add-on, instead of doing the search in the browser or in another way, is that this way you can avoid the certain annoyance that the lateral announcements and the suggestions of other videos suppose. In fact, you even save yourself the annoying ads that appear at the beginning of the video itself.

If you decide to use the YouTube plugin, you should know that you will not be able to access the content until you manage to pair your device. When you press “sign in”, they will give you an activation code and ask you to enter youtube.com/activate to do that pairing. You might have to do it  two times to work.

You’ll find the YouTube plugin for Kodi in its official addon repository .

YouTube is a completely legal option to play videos. Although you can find pirated content in it, it is rare and YouTube tends to rush to remove it.


USTV Now is an interesting service. Almost anyone can register and use it, even if it is more specifically aimed at the United States military or expatriates from that country who are abroad. You pay $ 19 a month for 28 cable channels and limited DVR (digital video recording) services. Paying $ 39 a month you can choose an option that includes unlimited DVR.

It gives access to hundreds of movies and television series. Whether it is series that you have recorded with the DVR or programs that you play on demand, it is possible to access all that content through its corresponding complement.

At this time, USTV Now is considered legal. You can find it in the official plugin repository for Kodi, although the version that is there is old and may not work. Click here to view our USTV Now installation guide.

To download the latest version of this supplement, look for it in SuperRepo or repositories addons of Kodisrael.

PlayStation Vue ( PS Vue addon )

PlayStation now offers an option to stream television called PlayStation Vue. After registering a PS Vue account you can access it through Kodi, using the PlayStation Vue plugin from the official Kodi addon repository . It’s a bit of an expensive service ($ 39.99 a month), but it offers not only the DVR option to save series and movies, but also streaming on demand, like you might find on a cable subscription service.

PlayStation Vue is a completely legal option, and using that service through its Kodi plugin does not violate any copyright . You can only connect to PS Vue after creating an account and identifying yourself with your access data.

FilmRise – YouTube


Are you looking for a good option to legally play movies and have a great selection? The little-known FilmRise plugin may be just what you need. FilmRise is a film and television distributor that buys the corresponding licenses and offers all that content online for free. It has 7,500 titles easily available through YouTube and, therefore, easily available also in Kodi. There is more than one add-on named FilmRise, but the one you’re interested in is called FilmRise – YouTube. That is the one that gives access to all your content present on YouTube. It’s so much that you probably won’t even know where to start.

As in previous cases, you may find the supplement FilmRise in the official repository addons Kodi.


Official Crackle Kodi addon

The Crackle plugin connects your movie library for free directly to Kodi. Seeing Crackle, the question of “how can this be legal?” Comes to mind. Incredible as it may seem, everything is indeed perfectly legal, since Crackle is Sony’s free online video library and offers a wide assortment of movies licensed by that company. As Sony is one of the major film distributors, it is not surprising that high quality content such as the boxing film Ali , starring Will Smith, the action film Two Rebel Policemen 2  or the 2005 comedy remake can be found here. Guess who .

Crackle is available in various third-party repositories, but you can find its best version in the  eracknaphobia’s repository .

Internet Archive [Video]

internet archive video

What you want is to watch old movies without paying anything? Internet Archive [Video] is the ideal complement for you. It is a huge online database packed with all kinds of content, from software to music. Something like an Internet version of the Library of Congress, with a large video library accessible through Kodi. And since you do not have to pay or subscribe to see all that content, you can enjoy classics like New Moon or As you like without much effort .

The Internet Archive [Video] plugin for Kodi is completely legal, but you cannot download it from the official Kodi repository. Although from the repository addons of SuperRepo . Keep in mind that in SuperRepo official and unofficial plugins are mixed, so be careful with what you download from it.



SnagFilms is a film and television distributor with a business model similar to that of FilmRise. Like this one, SnagFilms acquires full licenses for movies and TV shows and then offers a large amount of that content for free online . Although the SnagFilms video library is a bit smaller, it is still huge: it offers more than 5000 movies and television series.

Using its Kodi addon you can enjoy a great selection of all that content for free and legally. The addon is available in the official plugin repository for Kodi.


Kodi Viewster information

Viewster is a streaming service based in Switzerland that offers free movies and TV shows. One of its best features is that it allows you to see them from anywhere. Viewster is available to an international audience and is not blocked based on your country or region. Although that does not apply to those who live in places where there is content censorship, as in China. The best thing about Viewster is its extensive library of anime content, as well as its licensed movies and TV series, which you won’t find anywhere else.

The Viewster plugin for Kodi is available from the official Kodi addon repository .

Big Star Movies

Big Star Movies Kodi

The only word capable of describing Big Star Movies is “fabulous.” This addon allows access to the huge free library on the Big Star Movies site. It offers unique TV series and movies from all kinds of popular genres. Also, fortunately, this addon for Kodi is well organized and comes from the main categories of the official website. Big Star Movies also has bonus content, but it’s not available through its Kodi plugin. There is no way to log into a Big Star account through Kodi to access that type of content.

This addon is legal and free, although you will not find it in the official Kodi repository. But you can download its most modern and reliable version of the MetalChris Repository .


ITV Kodi addon

BBC iPlayer is not the only option for watching UK television. If you are looking for an alternative that also offers plenty of quality content, the ITV add-on for Kodi offers a mix of live TV broadcasts, TV series and movies on demand. As we say, you will get all that content from ITV Player through its plugin, including ITV-licensed US series like Family Guy and The Price of History. But, as with BBC iPlayer, ITV content is restricted by location. The difference between the two is that with ITV you do not need a television license to access its content. Although I do use a VPN to connect to a UK server whenever you are outside of that country.

You can find the ITV addon for Kodi at noobsandnerds Addon Repository .

Tubi TV

TubiTV Kodi addon
You could say that the Kodi installation is not completely complete without Tubi TV. This free streaming service offers more than 50,000 titles, including movies and TV series regardless of the genre you are looking for. Despite being a free service, it has more than 600 movies and television series that have obtained a great rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Tubi TV appears to be able to deliver all of this content through advertising. However, when you watch Tubi TV using Kodi, the player automatically removes ads. So you can enjoy Tubi TV without the ads interrupting your fun.

Tubi TV has a large library, but there are some regions that block certain titles. To unblock this and have access to the entire library you need a VPN. You will find different content in the libraries of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom among other countries.

The Tubi TV plugin is available on the Official Kodi Addon Repository. To learn more about Tubi TV take a look at our detailed installation guide .


Popcornflix is ​​very similar to Tubi TV. It is a free  streaming service  that you can also download and install for free on Kodi. It offers both movies and television series regardless of the genre you are looking for. Some categories and channels are rare, like boys movies, Asian action movies, Shout! Factory TV and a section of Christmas movies .

The Popcornflix addon for Kodi is available in the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

Although Popcornflix is ​​not at the level of Tubi TV, it is still an excellent option. It has very good movies like  Wells of Ambition  and the Japanese movie  Battle royale,  which got the idea out of  The Hunger Games.



Have you missed an episode of your favorite television series in the United States? In that case there is a chance, albeit remote, that you will find it on USTVCatchup. Your addon offers streams from free legal sources. Most of that content comes directly from open channels that don’t require a paid or cable subscription. The options are quite limited but of good quality, and include major network shows like HGTV, Food Network and Travel Channel.

You can find the USTVCatchup plugin in the TVAddons Addon Repository  or install it directly using the Indigo plugin.

Kodi Addons for Movie Trailers

Are you looking for movie premieres? You have two good options for finding movie trailers on Kodi.

YouTube addon for Kodi

This is quite obvious. You can easily use that addon to locate and view all the trailers for the latest releases. To do this, use the YouTube plugin “search” for Kodi and type “movie trailers”. Then go to “Channels”. In that section you will find a great list of YouTube channels dedicated to trailers. Another option is to find the specific movie that interests you.

HD-Trailers.net Add-on for Kodi

HD Trailers

HD-Trailers.net is one of the best websites dedicated to movie trailers. Luckily, it also offers an addon for Kodi. You can find it in its official plugin repository.

It is very easy to use. It allows you to search for trailers according to criteria such as the most recent, the most viewed, in alphabetical order, the releases of the week or upcoming releases. HD-Trailers streams its content from a multitude of sources, including Apple.com, Yahoo.com, YouTube or the HD-Trailers.net site itself.

Unofficial Kodi plug-ins for streaming TV and movies

The following addons are the ones we have seen recommended on other websites. Below we explain what each one does, how they offer pirated content and why we do not recommend using them.


kodi exodus

What is it? Exodus is a television and movie streaming add-on particularly popular with the community of users using pirated broadcasts. This addon extracts ( scrapes ) content from different websites that offer these streams and then displays them on Kodi.

Why should you avoid it? Most of the content available on Exodus is illegally pirated, although in it you can find some legal content and not subject to copyright or in the public domain. This is the case of the 1962 film The Brain That Wouldn’t Die , which curiously failed to register its copyright before entering the public domain. It is possible to access a lot of its content through one of the already mentioned plugins, such as PlayStation Vue.


What are Exodus fork addons?

What is it? Covenant is right now the most popular Kodi addon alongside Exodus. It is a variant of his that emerged shortly after Exodus was no longer developed. Covenant is mostly used for watching movies and TV series on Kodi from unofficial sources.

Why should you avoid it? The reasons for avoiding Covenant are the same as for not using Exodus. Since it is a clone of that other plugin with its same emphasis on illegal streaming of copyrighted content , we do not recommend Covenant to Kodi users .

Genesis Reborn

What is it? Genesis Reborn is a “rebirth” of one of the oldest add-ons for Kodi geared towards pirate broadcasts. This addon is based on a model similar to Exodus, by also scraping websites with pirated content that it then transmits to Kodi.

Why should you avoid it? Little can be said in favor of Genesis Reborn if you intend to keep your hands clean by accessing only legally available content. It does, however, offer some in the public domain that have not renewed their copyright , such as this 1939 version of Gulliver’s Travels . But the vast majority of the thousands of accessible movies and TV series are simply pirated, and so you should avoid them. You can choose other alternatives such as PlayStation Vue or USTV Now to access broadcasts on demand.



What is it? Elysium is a movie and TV streaming add-on for Kodi that mainly includes illegally pirated content. It extracts its sources from various Internet sites and categorizes them. Formerly known as Zen, it works similarly to Exodus and Genesis Reborn.

Why should you avoid it? For the same reasons as usual. There are legal contents, especially movies and television series in the public domain, but you would have to look them up and compare them with other sources to make sure you are not breaking the law of your country. You should avoid any content that is not really in the public domain. Since Elysium does not distinguish which content is legal and which is pirated, it is best to completely avoid this addon and instead opt for one of the official alternatives listed above.


kodi salts

What is it?  SALTS is one of the most popular plugins used for pirate broadcasts. His name is the acronym for Stream All The Sources (he broadcasts all sources) and he is one of the most prominent contenders when it comes to illegal broadcasts via Kodi.

Why should you avoid it? It’s time to repeat ourselves like a broken record. SALTS primarily offers streaming pirated content. If you know what you are looking for, you can find good legal or public domain content with it, like the 1962 horror movie The Last Man on Earth . Despite this, we repeat that this plugin is a clear example of an addon for pirated transmissions that obtains the vast majority of its content from illegal sources. Once again, we recommend that you opt for one of the options given in the list of official accessories.


What is it? Specto is another pirate addon from the same family as Exodus and Genesis Reborn. Although Exodus is the official heir, Specto is also based on the old Genesis addon . Specto is a Kodi addon that not only allows pirated streams, but also offers a dark video download option.

Why should you avoid it? Given that it follows the same model as Genesis Reborn, Exodus, and the like, you’ll imagine that it also focuses mostly on pirated broadcasts, with only a small portion of legal content available. Alongside those few resources in the public domain, there are thousands of pirated movies and TV series, making Specto a poor option for viewing legal content. Instead, also opt for the options listed in the official plugins section.


What is it? The Gurzil addon for Kodi is based on Exodus and works exactly the same as that other popular addon . Gurzil downloads content from various pirated sites and displays it on Kodi for easy playback.

Why should you avoid it?  Put simply, Gurzil has the same drawbacks as other third-party add-ons for on-demand streaming. Although it offers movies in the public domain, most of its users do not use it for that reason. The main focus of this plugin is, you know, streaming pirated content. We do not recommend using Gurzil, given its heavy reliance on pirated broadcasts. 

Bob Unleashed

bob unleashed bob unrestricted bob kodi add-on

What is it? Bob Unleashed is an add-on for TV and movie streaming developed by the noobsandnerds team. This Bob Unleashed plugin keeps you up-to-date with a handful of developers. Each one updates its own sections with links to various transmission sources.

Why should you avoid it? Although its upkeep is active and comes from a somewhat respectable source, Bob Unleashed primarily offers pirated content. For that reason we do not recommend installing or using it .

Death Streams

death streams kodi addon

What is it? Death Streams is an increasingly popular streaming movie and TV series companion that focuses primarily on pirated content from unauthorized sources. It is a new variant of the SALTS addon . It takes its contents from some of the best-known pirate websites and allows them to be browsed through a well-organized menu.

Why should you avoid it?  There must be only a handful of options available in Death Streams released under a public use license. Most of the remaining content accessible through this plug-in is obtained and transmitted without permission from the copyright owners . For this reason we do not recommend the use of the Death Streams addon for Kodi 


Nemesis kodi addon

What is it? The Nemesis add-on for Kodi flaunts its name… for owners of copyrighted content . This addon offers easy access to various streaming sites that host such content without being licensed to do so. Nemesis also offers live television broadcasts from various sources.

Why should you avoid it? To be fair, it must be said that in Nemesis not everything is bad. This add-on includes perfectly legal broadcasts from police scanners and webcams, as well as the ability to play e-books. But we repeat that the vast majority of its repertoire is made up of illegal transmissions. For that reason we do not recommend Nemesis to Kodi users .

Goodfellas 2.0

Goodfellas Kodi addon

What is it? It is an improved version of the previous and popular Goodfellas addon . This version 2.0 broadcasts live television, in addition to some movies or series on demand. Most of that content is not licensed, although some are legal.

Why should you avoid it? Goodfellas 2.0 is used by all who seek to access licensed and copyrighted content without paying . It mainly connects to broadcast sources that do not obtain their content from the legitimate owners of copyright . For this reason we recommend users to avoid Goodfellas 2.0 .

How to install Kodi plugins

Before you can install these plugins in Kodi you need to configure their respective repositories. A repository is like a library full of plugins that you can freely install from within Kodi. Some repositories require manual installation, while others, such as Fusion, offer a simple installation wizard with which to do so.

See here how to install  addon repositories for Kodi like SuperRepo, Smash, Kodil or Filmkodi.

The addons downloadable directly to ZIP not require the installation of a repository.

Do you know of other Kodi movie and TV add-ons that we should add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

How to watch TV and Kodi movies on a Fire Stick, Android, iPhone or Mac

Kodi v17.3 “Krypton” is the latest stable version of Kodi available for download. On devices that have standard Internet browsers, just download it from the official website and install it to get everything up and running. Once Kodi is installed, you can now download plugins from its official repository or install other new repositories. As an example, take a look at this tutorial on how to configure Exodus . Those steps should work with Windows, MacOS and Android phones.

In the case of iOS, things are a little more complicated, because Kodi is not available in the App Store. If you want to install Kodi on an iPad or iPhone without jailbreaking , we recommend using the Cydia Impactor app to transfer Kodi from your computer to your iOS device.

On Android-based streaming devices like Roku or Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, it’s also a bit more complicated to install Kodi and get it up and running. Downloading Kodi on a Fire TV Stick requires transferring certain applications or using the Downloader application. The only way to get Kodi to work on Roku without doing that is to “stream” or “duplicate” Kodi from another device.

Related:  Do you have buffering issues in Kodi? See our tutorial on two quick methods to repair buffering in Kodi .

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