5 Successful Google Advertising Ideas To Boost Conversions
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5 Successful Google Advertising Ideas To Boost Conversions

Social media marketing is always changing, and Google advertising is upgrading each time, incorporating new ideas that can help boost your business. When using Google Adwords, you must manage your campaigns to help adjust the cost per click. You need to develop various strategies and ideas that are up to date with Google because it continuously brings up new updates for ads. Keeping up is the best way to stay ahead of the competition and boost your conversion rate. If you are wondering how you can make this happen, here are five effective Google advertising ideas you can use to boost your conversion rates.

Create A Relevant Landing Page

This is one crucial element that most businesses overlook. The paid search platforms are vast, and you can easily get lost trying to test ad copy or tweak bids. But guess what happens when a client clicks the ad you are focusing on? They are sent to your website. AdWords PPC management software helps you manage your campaigns as you adjust your cost per click.

A successful PPC ad will help drive the necessary leads to your landing page. In turn, the landing page will have to convert those prospects into paying clients or customers. One useful tip to use with this idea is to align the message of your ads with your landing page message by optimizing the landing page for PPC conversations.

Use The Right Keyword Types

Google advertisement relies on user intent through keywords. Each time a person types a query in the search in Google, it shows ads based on the relevance of the auction system. The system will consider the search term and then display the ad accordingly. You must understand the keywords you use in your PPC campaign and any modifiers. There are four types of keyword matches;

  • Exact match
  • Broad match modified
  • Broad
  • Phrase match.

This gives you four ways to communicate or direct Google to handle the keyword matches you choose. Remember, each keyword match type is a commutation between relevance, impressions, and cost.

Implement The Click-Through Rate Practices

The Click-through rate is like a projection; it shows the number of times or how often people see and click your ads. The more clicks and visits to your landing page, the more likely they convert into purchases. Therefore, improving and setting up Google ads conversion rates will give you more than focusing on several ads alone.

If you are doing digital marketing in Adelaide, you need to focus on your ads being clicked. One way to achieve this is by distinguishing between the Google display network and search ads. Once you understand the distinction between the two, you will know how to prioritize your ads as you create a compelling clickable copy of your target audience.

Integrate The Negative Keywords

Please note that when you run a Google ad for your search network, most search queries won’t relate to what you are offering. This is where the use of negative keywords comes in; they help exclude certain search terms from triggering your ad display. They are one of the best ideas you can use to help boost your conversion rate and avoid unnecessary search queries.

According to several studies, using negative keywords has proven to be one of the smartest ways to increase your Google advertising conversion rate and grow your revenue.

Run Mobile-only Ads

Everything in the world is slowly becoming mobile. Mobile technology has taken over nearly every aspect of the internet. How does using mobile affect your Google conversion rate or PPC ads? People use their mobile phones for different purposes and goals. Using mobile-only ads gives you the platform to target a specific audience with high intent.

Furthermore, different internet users interact differently with content. For instance, it’s highly likely for someone to read an 1800-word article on improving Google ads conversations on their mobile phones. However, if your main target is mobile users only, you can remodel or shape your ads to fit how people use the internet on their mobile phones, thus creating content that will only appeal to them.

Google ads are one such investment you can never go wrong with, provided you go at it the right way. All you need is a well-maintained Adwords PPC management software. It will help your business’s revenue increase in no time. Furthermore, you need to ensure you optimize your Google ads placements. This is because Google charges for each click your ads get; don’t let your investment go to waste.

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