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Default username and password of the main routers and operators (and its variants) is an address that gives us access to the configuration options of our router. Here we can adjust aspects related to IP addresses, DHCP, security or WiFi. However, it is not enough to enter this address in the browser, since it will be necessary to know the username and password of the router to gain access.

Not knowing the default password of our router is something that is the order of the day. Luckily, it is too easy to get the password that manufacturers have assigned by default, although it is also a security problem that can cause many problems for users. This is because anyone can get the default password for our router just as we are going to get it thanks to this article.

WiFi passwords

Therefore, one of the main measures that we must take when we install a new router is to change the default password. From here, we will assign a password that complies with all security measures . That is, the password must contain lowercase, capitals, number and letters, avoiding birthday dates, pet names, favorite foods and other easily guessable elements.

In this case, we must begin to be very cautious. At the moment we have changed the default password, there is no way to recover it . If that happens, we only have to reset the router to its factory settings to be able to access it again with the default password. If we are forced to this, we will lose the open ports configuration, changed WiFi password and much more.

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Router username and password (manufacturers and operators)

By default, we will always test with some of the most common username and password combinations before we start searching. Among the most repeated by manufacturers, we find some such as “admin” and “admin” or “admin” and “1234” or a combination of these two. We also have cases where the user is “admin”, “administrator” or “1234” and the password must be left blank.


The most current models, such as the HGU or Home Gateway Unit , usually have a unique password per device written in the lower area of ​​the device. In older models it is usually a combination of “administrator” and “1234”. In the Movistar Community we have more information on how to get the router password.

  • Movistar username and password: 1234/1234

Vodafone and ONO

In the case of Vodafone routers, the user is usually Vodafone and the password is indicated on the back of the router. In older models, in addition to the combinations that we have previously mentioned, we can try “vodafone” in both fields. In the Operator’s Customer Help we have more information about it. At ONO we return to the most common combinations such as “admin” and “password” or one of the above.

  • Vodafone username and password: vodafone / vodafone
  • ONO username and password: admin / password

Orange and Jazztel

The Orange Livebox router has “admin” and “admin” as username and password. We can consult everything related to access to Livebox routers on the Orange website . In the case of Jazztel it is somewhat more complicated due to the large number of models available. In the ZTE F680 router we will use “advanced” and “advanced” as a combination to access. Other combinations that work are “support” and “support” or “root” and “12345”.

  • Orange username and password: admin / admin
  • Jazztel username and password: advanced / advanced

Other models and operators

To get the username and password for the rest of the models , we recommend you visit the ADSLZone router forum . There we have answered many questions about this issue and we can always open a new thread to seek help. In the same forum, we can find the data related to the username and password of the routers of the other operators in the market.

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