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Different ways to block a web page in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser to browse the Internet, hence it is one of the applications that is not usually missing both on the computer and on the mobile of most users. To visit any web page, all we have to do is type its name in the address bar of the browser, however, it is likely that on some occasion we want to block access to one or more web pages from our browser. Therefore, we will show below, different ways to block a website in Google Chrome.

The truth is that the browser itself offers few possibilities to block access to a site, therefore, the best solution is to use a third-party tool.

The option that Chrome offers us to block a website

The truth is that from the browser configuration settings we can try to block a website in Chrome. To do this, the first thing we have to do is open a browser window and from the menu button, access the settings . There, we scroll down and click on the Show advanced settings option . Now, we look for the Website configuration option within the Privacy and Security section and within it we look at the Javascript and Images options .

block a web in chrome

What we are going to be able to do from there to restrict access to a website in Chrome is to add the name of said website in both options. In this way, we will be telling the browser to block the execution of the javascript code of that site, as well as the loading of its images. For this, we enter Javascrip and within the Block section click on Addand write the address of the web that we want to block. The same we have to do also in the images option and in this way, we will try to block Chrome from loading the page by restricting the use of Javascript and the download of images. The truth is that in some websites the blocking may be more effective than in others, so it is not an option that is highly recommended when we want to avoid entering a specific website from the Google browser.

Block access to a website in Chrome from the hosts file

If you are a Windows user, then there is another way to prohibit access to a website without using any third-party tool. This method not only allows us to block a website in Chrome, but it will also restrict access from any browser.

To do this, we are going to add the domain name of this page in the system’s hosts file . Therefore, we open a notebook with administrator permissions and open the hosts file from the path   C: / Windows / System32 / drivers / etc in the notebook.

Next, all we have to do is add a line to the end of the file for each site that we do not want to be accessible, indicating the ip followed by a blank space and then the web address that we want to block. . An example would be: www.google.es . We save the changes and from that moment, if we put the address of the site that we have added in the hosts, we will see how the browser returns an error indicating that it could not load that page.

Block websites in Chrome with these extensions

One of the main advantages of using Chrome is the number of extensions that we can install in the Google browser to add certain functions to it. In this sense, in the Chrome Web Store we can find certain extensions that have been developed to block a website in Chrome easily.


One of the most popular is BlockSite , which we can add to our browser from this link . Once installed in Chrome, the only thing we have to do to block a web in the browser is visit that page and click on the icon of the extension that we have next to the address bar. From that moment, if we try to access that page, a message will appear in the browser indicating that that site could not be loaded.

To unblock any of the blocked websites in Chrome from BlockSite, we click on the extension icon, click on the Edit blocked sites list option and a page will automatically open with the list of websites that we have blocked. Next to each of them a round red icon with a horizontal white stripe will appear, which allows us to eliminate the block to that website.


Another very useful extension when blocking access to certain websites from Google’s web browser is tinyFilter. It is a plugin that allows us to block access to any website through its URL, by keywords, create a white list of sites that we can visit and even allows us to add passwords, among other functions.

It is very easy to use and is available for installation in Google Chrome from this same link to the Chrome Web Store.

Personal BlockList

Although with a somewhat different operation compared to the previous options, Personal BlockList is another of the plugins that we can use to block access to certain sites. In this sense, it is an extension that has been developed to block certain URLs and that these do not appear even among Google’s search results.

Its operation is really simple, to block a website all we have to do is visit the site and click on the Block option of the extension. From that moment on, we will not be able to access this website nor will it appear among Google’s search results. Install  Personal BlockList.

How to block a website in Chrome on your mobile

In the event that we want to restrict access to a website from the Chrome app on our mobile phone, we must know that things change if we have a device with an Android operating system or an iPhone. The Apple operating system has a setting that allows you to prohibit access to a website, however, we can only do it while using your own Safari browser.

However, although the Google operating system does not offer this option natively, we can always use a third-party tool. In this case, Blocksite is an app that we can install on our mobile completely free of charge from Google Play . An app that has the same name as the previously mentioned extension and that has been developed for the same purpose.

Once installed and accepted the permissions requested for its correct operation, from the main menu we will be able to start adding websites to which we want to restrict their access from Chrome. To do this, we just have to tap on the “+” symbol and write the full address of the web that we want to block. As we can see, Blocksite offers the possibility of suddenly blocking pages with adult content just by activating that setting, a very interesting function as well.

If at any time we want to unblock a website, all we have to do is tap on the trash can icon that appears next to each of them and we can access that site again from Google Chrome.

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