Egosurfing What is it, what is it for and how to apply it on the Internet?
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Egosurfing What is it, what is it for and how to apply it on the Internet?

We are absolutely sure that when you finish reading this article, which we have dedicated to addressing the subject of egosurfing , you will agree with us that this is one of the most necessary and healthy practices on our daily Internet.

Although it is true that millions of users have already practiced it on more than one occasion, it is also true that in most cases they do not know how useful egosurfing is to manage the image we project on the Internet in the best way.

That is why, before you put your name in the search bar, we recommend you read the content of our post today, so that you do it accompanied by all the information on the subject.

 What is egosurfing on the Internet and what is this practice for?

If this is the first time you have come across the term, you are probably already thinking that it is something like navigating the ego , and if you are with someone in the same situation, maybe they will agree with you. righ now.

Well, and without the desire to open a debate on the correct translation of a word from another language, when we talk about egosurfing on the Internet, we are referring to a neologism that serves to designate the practice of searching for oneself on the Internet, with ends far removed from digital narcissism .

The term, whose authorship belongs to Sean Carton , began to gain popularity after its appearance in 1995 in an article in Wired magazine , specialized in technological topics. Since then, it has been closely linked to the Internet world, especially when it comes to privacy, digital identity and online reputation .

That is why, as we have already hinted, and regardless of the sphere where you operate, egosurfing will serve you to follow the digital footprint that you leave every time you pour an opinion or publish something using the Internet, which as you well know, once you do it becomes public domain .

When you look at it that way, you will surely start to practice egosurfing from a completely remote point of view, since it will be serving to keep your digital image away from harmful elements, both personally and professionally .

 Why is it important to do egosurfing from time to time?

Taking up the thread from where we left it in the previous chapter, it is convenient that from now on you worry a little more about knowing how you are perceived on the Internet . Or what is the same get used to practicing egosurfing every so often.

Taking into account that currently the vast majority of us use the Internet, some more, some less, it can be said that we are all leaving a digital trail that can be followed by anyone who is interested in discovering aspects of our personality through it .

That is why if you get used to doing a search for yourself on a regular basis, you will be in a better capacity to effectively manage your digital identity, especially when it comes to cleaning your digital footprint of those aspects that you consider harmful to your reputation in line.

There are plenty of reasons to do it, starting with professional ones. Put yourself in the shoes of human resource recruiters , and you’ll understand why most of them use Internet searches to get a better idea of ​​the profile of applicants for new or vacant positions.

In addition to all of the above, the practice of egosurfing can help you discover if your name appears registered in places that you may not even imagine , as is the case of some lists of telephone numbers obtained illegally, something that without a doubt will it will be harmful.

 Steps to do an effective egosurfing and know what is said about you on the Internet

Although to start the practice of egosurfing it may be enough for you to write down your name and surnames, placed in quotation marks in the search engine, there are also some forms and tools that help you to do the search more precisely and therefore faster.

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You can also achieve this through a personalized search, which is the same as saying that you do it through private browsing. Doing so is not a thing of another world, since it is enough to go to “Tools” in the top menu of Google, and once there select ” Start private browsing “

In addition, you can also use some available tools , as well as implement some of the following tips:

 Use Google Alerts

The Google Alerts tool allows you to program the search engine to constantly track your name on the Internet, and it sends you an email to notify you whenever it gets something new where it appears. That for the specific case of egosurfing, because at the same time it allows you to receive alerts on any other topic that is of interest to you.

 Perform more accurate searches

If you prefer to do it on your own and manually, it is advisable that you accompany your name in the search bar with more detailed information. So you can, for example, place “Jesús Pérez” photographer. In this way, the search engine will have less problems finding you in the Internet universe .

 Not only Google account

Keep in mind that your fingerprint is present in as many digital media as the number of them you use or visit. So do not stop taking a look at sites like Facebook or Linkedin , for example.

 Use SEO tools

This is possible, and very useful, for those cases in which egosurfing is motivated by issues such as your personal brand . As we are sure that if this is your case, you know what we are talking about, you can do the search associating the brand with some keyword that distinguishes it from the rest.

 How to control what is said about me on the Internet with egosurfing with ease?

It is quite likely that when you search for your name on the Internet, especially if you do not check regularly, from time to time you come across some things that do not seem convenient. That is one of the reasons that make egosurfing an extremely useful practice when it comes to channeling things that are said about you to the positive terrain when someone inquires about them.

By following these simple tips we are sure that you will put everything in your favor, although you must be clear that it will never be possible to totally control everything that is said about you in the Internet world:

 Create a blog

Everyone who owns a blog with their domain name has a powerful dissemination tool in their hands that they can use to boost their image . This is well known to influential characters in all areas of human development. So you should also try it.

 Advertise yourself

This may seem difficult at first glance or at least strange, but it is easier than many imagine. Simply participate through opinions or comments in magazines and blogs related to your field of action. That’s because everything will be indexed to your name when someone searches for it on the Internet.

 Highlight the positive things

Something similar to the above, but this time in relation to your actions on social networks . And even more so if you are one of those who refrain from using pseudonyms in this type of media. If you haven’t noticed yet, the things you post through them say a lot about your personality.

 Pay sponsored content

This is for those who seek to improve the image of their personal brand, where a small investment is never too much to improve the perception that potential and related people may have of us.

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