How To See Torrents In Streaming From Android With Utorrent
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How To See Torrents In Streaming From Android With Utorrent

Nowadays we can do practically the same thing with a smartphone, be it Android or iOS, as we can do on a computer. Surely we have ever tried to download a file from the Torrent network from our smartphone, a file that, once the download process ends, is stored in the internal memory of the device so that, from there, we can work with it.

In general, when we download files from the torrent network we cannot use it until the download is complete. However, lately it has become very popular to be able to play some specific types of files, such as videos, in streaming , that is, directly from the network (similar to YouTube) without having to wait for the download to finish. This allows us to save a lot of time and, in the end, the file will be downloaded as well.

There are many applications designed to allow us to download files from the Torrent network, just as there are quite a few that also allow us to stream video torrents.

uTorrent is one of the best known download clients, both on PC and on mobile devices with Android operating system. Therefore, below, we will explain how to do this using this download client.

So we can see torrent streaming on Android with uTorrent

In order to use this function, the first thing we must do is download the latest “beta” version of uTorrent for Android, the well-known torrent download client, on our smartphone. This beta version can be downloaded for free from the Play Store by participating in the trial version as a beta tester , or directly from apkmirror .

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Once we have it installed on our Android smartphone, we run it and, if we are familiar with this torrent download client, we can see its main window.

This new beta of the download client has been slightly modified so that, instead of downloading any part at random, the first thing to download is the parts necessary to be able to play the video while the other data is being downloaded .

The next step will be to search for the torrent that we want to see in streaming . When looking for a torrent file to download, we can do it from this same program, using the search engine that appears from the magnifying glass icon, or from any other torrent file download website.

Once we have already located the video that we want to play in streaming, we will load it in this new version of uTorrent. The program will show us a summary with the files that our download has . We must make sure that the download has a video file, since if it is another format (for example, a compressed file) streaming will not work.

Ready. Once the torrent has been added to the download queue, if we click on it, we can see a summary with the status of the download. In the list of files that are being downloaded, if we look at the file that corresponds to the video, we can see how a play icon appears to the right of it.

If we click on this icon, the player integrated in uTorrent for Android will automatically open,  which will allow us to play our video in streaming while it is downloaded.

We must ensure both that our Internet connection is sufficient and that the download has enough pairs to carry a good playback speed, since otherwise it will not work well, the playback will be cut off and we will not be able to watch the video correctly.

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