How To Wear Your Signet Ring
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How To Wear Your Signet Ring

Whether you have a military ring or any other signet ring, you must wear it properly.

Traditionally, you should wear your signet ring on the non-dominant hand, but nowadays, people wear the ring on any hand they want. You can also wear the ring on any finger, but you should be cautious of the message you send by wearing the ring on that hand.

To help you out, here are some of the common messages you send when you wear the ring on different fingers.

Wearing the ring on your index finger

This is where the ring was historically placed, and you can wear your signet ring on this finger regardless of whether it’s a round-shaped ring or a straight oval.

When you wear the ring on this finger, you send a strong statement that you are proud of the ring and don’t mind showing it off. If you want to be subtle about it, wear the ring on a different finger.

Wearing your signet ring on your ring finger

The fourth finger is traditionally reserved for the engagement or wedding ring, and you are conventionally advised to keep your wedding ring finger free of any decorative jewelry.

If you are a stickler for traditions, you can follow this rule, but if traditions don’t mean much to you, you can stack your wedding band with a vital signet ring.

You should note that wearing a ring on your ring finger holds a lot of significance so ensure that the ring you wear on this finger has plenty of significance to you.

Wearing a signet ring on the middle, pinky, or thumb

You will attract a lot of attention when you wear your ring on your middle finger. This is because the finger often has a negative connotation.

To the knowledgeable ones, this finger is associated with responsibility, strength, and balance, so you will definitely attract attention from people wanting to know more about you. If you want to attract the most attention, go for an oval signet ring.

The thumb is associated with power and wealth, so by wearing your signet ring on the thumb, you will be sending a strong statement that you are powerful. If you want to attract attention to the thumb, wear a thick ring that complements the broad and bulky shape of the finger.

Wearing the ring on the pinky finger sends the message that you are a member of a group or affiliated with a certain association, so you should be ready to answer stranger questions about your affiliations.

The best pinky finger ring to wear is a bulbous oval ring. Since we all have different finger sizes, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with different shapes and seeing the one that works the best.

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