If You Use Bittorrent Protect Yourself From Spies With Peerblock
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If You Use Bittorrent Protect Yourself From Spies With Peerblock


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Peerblock is a firewall that protects you from prying eyes when you are using file-sharing programs. Keeps intruders and spies at bay. The program is currently in version 1.1, and it is not perfect, but it is quite effective. You can download it here. Whenever you can download it from the original page, which guarantees you a program without additions and without adulteration. By the way, it is free. The installation is very simple, and in a few seconds, the program is ready to work. It just makes you make a decision. At a certain point in the installation, it asks you if you want the program to start every time you start Windows.

If you use file sharing networks with a certain frequency, it is convenient to configure the program like this from the first moment, although you could also do it from the “settings” menu , on the second page. To go to it you have to click on the “next” button ?? . In the “startup” section ?? Are you going to have to activate the “start with windows” box? . If you don’t download regularly, you can always start the program before starting your sessions, but the ideal is to use the P2P exchange programs safely.

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Peerblock is activated by double-clicking on the corresponding icon, and it is necessary that every time the program is started it connects to the Internet to update the filter lists . These are chosen and activated from the “list manager” button ?? , which is located in the folder “protection” ??. When you press that button, you will find four different lists , P2P, Spyware, Advertising, and Education . There are more lists available on the Internet, and you can even create your own. To be added, press the “add” button ?? . It is given a name, and the URL is writtenwhere is it located. It is also necessary to say if it is a white list , that is, of allowed addresses, or black , of addresses that will not be able to investigate what you are downloading.

Sometimes the program is a little stubborn, and while it is activated you cannot enter certain pages, for example, that of certain film studios or even some universities. To temporarily access these pages, just press the “disable” button ?? , located at the top of the column of buttons on the left, inside the folder “protection” ?? , which is the one that opens by default when the program starts. Most of the surface of this folder is occupied by a large window where intrusion attempts appear on your computer with the time, IP address, to whom it belongs, and the protocol they were spying on. If you want any of these addresses to have access to your computer, all you have to do is click with the right mouse button, and the window where you have three options appears. Allow access for 15 minutes, for one hour, or forever.

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