Jeep stays devoted to Australia as charges upward thrust and income fall quick of formidable objectives
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Jeep stays devoted to Australia as charges upward thrust and income fall quick of formidable objectives

After a series of dizzying price hikes over the past several months, American off-road specialist Jeep says it remains committed to the Australian market, even if sales are a fraction of its target of 50,000 units/unit. year - and less than a third of the previous record.

Jeep's global boss, Christian Meunier, says the American off-road specialist remains committed to Australia - and right-hand drive markets around the world - even as the company sells vehicles at a much lower rate. compared to the price announced three years ago and much lower than the previous locality. 

Jeep's top executive also defended a string of steep price increases over the past 12 months - including those without retrofits - insisting the company was not profiting, but instead costing production. and higher logistics, like many other automakers. If you are concerned the prices of Jeep in other areas, like Jeep price Philippines, you can search for information here. 

However, Meunier notes, not all right-hand drive markets are successful.

Asked if Jeep Australia's recent price increase was due to profits or rising costs, Meunier said raw materials, inflation and all. Obviously, we've got some price recovery to make on margin (profit).

Then, in a reply that appeared to contradict the stated 50,000 car-a-year sales target, Mr Meunier said he thought one of the reasons Australia was really struggling was (just) about the hunt.

They are looking for the volume and can't reach it. They are pushing metal. They are not brand oriented. We don't make a lot of money, the agents don't make money, and it's a vicious cycle.

What they did is we stopped all those entry-level versions… they enriched the portfolio, they made it more premium. So they have a well-equipped product. they don't go after the Koreans, they don't go after the Chinese. It's not a mobility brand, they don't sell vehicles. Semi-adventure team.

Jeep remains committed to Australia as prices rise and sales fall short of ambitious targets-0

Asked to clarify if it was still possible to increase sales and profits at the same time, Mr Meunier said that the prices you get in Australia are pretty much in line with what we have in Japan or what we have in Europe. or North America.

Closing future models for Australia, Mr Meunier said Jeep - and its parent company Stellantis - have been successful in right-driving markets where rival General Motors has not, an oblique reference to American giants leave Australia, United Kingdom, Thailand and India. 

He didn't mean to be sarcastic, Mr. Meunier said, but GM has struggled for years with Opel in Europe. What's more, Opel is now the profit-driven part of Stellantis. So I think there are a lot of things you could do differently. And we can be profitable in right-hand drive countries as long as you put the right product with the right (engine option) in the right segment.

Future models for the majority of our products (gasoline or electric) will also be right-wheel drive. They all want to expand our business in India and Asia-Pacific. The region has many ambitions.

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