Computer security is vital for users and companies and one of the keys that will mark the success of digital transformation processes. In this context, being protected is as important as knowing how to react quickly to a computer incident. Do you know how to detect a cyber attack in your company?

How long does it take for companies to detect a cyber attack?

In an increasingly digital and connected world, cyber attacks are becoming more global as evidenced by cases of the massive Wannacry ransomware infection , the worldwide attack by Petya malware , a few months later, or the constant threats through Malicious emails that hide Phishing, Trojans, theft of credentials …

The latest official data leaves no room for doubt: the number of cyber attacks and computer security incidents in Spain increased by 130% in the last year and in 2017 a new historical record will be recorded again, since only in the In the first half of the year, nearly 400 cybersecurity incidents have been dealt with daily in Spain.

In this context, having the necessary protection tools is as important as knowing how to react to incidents that affect the IT security of organizations. Do companies know how to identify that they are suffering a computer attack? How long does it take for companies to detect a cyber attack and react? 

According to a report by the cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab , based on a worldwide survey, the response time of companies to a cyber attack continues to be highly improvable since:

  • Only 8% of the companies that participated in the study were able to detect a cyber attack immediately.
  • It took days for 28.7% of companies to detect a cyberattack, while 19% took weeks and 7.1% months.
  • Fewer than half of companies had conducted a computer security audit in recent months, although 65% recognized this measure as effective in detecting a cyber attack.
  • 48% of companies did not consider a cyber attack inevitable.

Only 8% of companies are able to detect a cyber attack immediately. Do you know how to do it?CLICK TO TWEET

Before detecting a cyber attack … Learn how to prevent it

The data from this study shows that companies still have a long way to go in the field of cybersecurity. Not only when detecting a cyber attack, but also to put in place preventive measures to avoid it such as:

  • Keep your computers and mobile devices permanently updated and with their corresponding computer security systems . Do you know these free antivirus?
  • Establish computer security barriers to shield company web pages. 39% of cyber attacks on SMEs start with an unsafe website Do you know these free tools to protect it?
  • Regularly update the passwords of the different devices and computing resources of the company. Do you know how to create strong passwords and what tools help you generate them?
  • Periodically perform computer security audits to detect faults and possible unauthorized access to company data.
  • Encrypt and protect all shared files and items in the Cloud or FTP. Restrict access and use permissions.
  • Ongoing training for employees in computer security. Did you know that 80% of cyberattacks suffered by companies stem from a misuse of work equipment? Learn how to avoid them with this video:

8 Keys to Detect a Cyber ​​Attack

Despite the computer security measures you develop, no company or user is safe from suffering a computer attack. Total security does not exist on the Internet, but the reaction time is crucial to contain damages that, in economic terms, can rise to 300,000 euros and, in many cases, cause the closure of the company.The cost of a cyber attack can reach 300,000 euros. Do you know how to detect it?CLICK TO TWEET

Do you know how to detect a cyber attack? These are some signals that activate the alarm signal:

  • Unauthorized publication of messages and content on social networks. This type of virus is usually spread through fraudulent applications that are granted publication permissions on social networks.
  • Network traffic and extremely high resource consumption that is maintained over time, despite the equipment being turned off. This signal may indicate that your company’s computers are part of a network of botnets that use them for mass spamming. Do you know what botnet networks are and how to protect yourself? 
  • Increased activity on the hard drive of computers, even when they are turned off. This signal to detect a cyber attack is based on infections from ‘worms’ that, once installed, perform scanning operations on the disks of the computers. In the same way, increased unidentified files in the system or in certain programs.
  • Massive arrival of junk mail to corporate email accounts, a signal that reveals flaws in the company’s antispam filters and that, at times, seek to seize sensitive company data such as CEO fraud , posing as by a director of the organization itself.
  • In the same way, I send mass mail to members of the contact list who use the email address of one of the corporate accounts . This is one of the most key signals to detect a cyber attack by phishing.
  • Increased activity and connection requests stopped by the firewall and coming from the same address. When detecting a cyber attack, it is essential to review cybersecurity tools daily and, in this case, a preventive measure is to immediately block this IP to stop a possible Ddos attack or denial of service.
  • Errors or failures of password authentication systems can be a sign that spyware has been installed that seeks to know and change the entry keys to the programs or the system.
  • Connection problems, slowness or errors in the mobile devices linked to the company. Watch out for this signal to detect a cyberattack because smartphones are becoming the main entry point for malware, both in companies and users. Do you know how to detect that your mobile is infected?

This list of recommendations closes with a fundamental one, in case of detecting a cyberattack in your company it is vital that it is immediately communicated to the official organisms. In this way, there will be time to react and try to save the company’s data and, in the same way, alarms and alerts will be established to avoid a possible spread. Do you know where to report a cyber attack?

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