Nine tools to watch YouTube videos with your friends remotely
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Nine tools to watch YouTube videos with your friends remotely

Surely if you are a lover of cinema and audiovisual content in general you like to share your findings with your friends . Something that is not always possible to do at the same time and that the so-called new technologies have made us easier. However, the truth is that they detract from the charm of watching the video accompanied and at the same time.

Fortunately, there are tools that, although they do not solve the first problem, they do end this second one, and allow us to enjoy them simultaneously remotely. Some utilities some of which we collect below and among which we find options both to share material from YouTube and from other platforms .

Share Tube

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For starters we are left with ShareTube , a page that allows us to precisely watch YouTube videos with our friends (and also with other members of the utility). Its use also does not require any registration, it is enough to give a name to our room and choose the alias with which we want to appear.

Once the channel in question is created, we can invite other people through a URL that will take them to our site. The tool, on the other hand, has an integrated chat tool as well as search options to find the YouTube video that interests us the most without leaving the web.

My Circle

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Another of the best known in this area is My Circle , a popular website through which we can share videos with our friends to watch them at the same time. However, it includes features that make it a powerful tool – at least compared to its competitors – such as the ability to chat while viewing content or make voice calls over the network.

In addition, it is a free tool whose use does not require any registration. It also allows us to invite other people through social networks or generated links, control the quality and parameters of the video such as subtitles, etc.

Supports content from both YouTube and Vimeo, Soundcloud and Dailymotion. Some additional virtues are that it comes with notifications and alert sounds for new messages; It includes a history of invitations and allows us to download up to 5GB of video in mp4 and flv format. Nor will you need to register to use it.



Also very popular, Watch2Gether is a utility in which enjoying the content of the mentioned mode is very simple. This can come from Soundcloud, Vimeo, Twitch and YouTube. Thus, it synchronizes the audio and video players of the users, includes chat options to exchange opinions and even lets us organize the videos in lists.

However, it stands out because it includes options to chat through our computer’s webcam; And not only that, but through this platform you will also be able to “ go shopping ” with your best friend, at the same time and without leaving home. Something that is possible thanks to a system that gives us the possibility to browse and buy goods on Amazon in a similar way to the rest of the content. Interesting. We can also share the different links through social networks, create a room for free and more. His starting point is that we spend time together. Watch2gether: Watch YouTube Videos with your Friends in Private Sessions



Nor can we stop including Sync Video in this list, because this free utility offers us the possibility of watching online videos with our friends remotely and free of charge. Of course, to enjoy it we must register. However, this offers certain advantages, such as having a specific and personal area in which we can add videos and playlists; as well as the option to create new rooms to which we can invite our friends privately .

Of course, we also have the alternative of making the room public if we so wish, although most users of this platform do not opt ​​for this option when it comes to synchronizing their videos. In addition to the web, the service offers specific plugins for both Chrome and Firefox , which expand its possibilities.



Togethertube , as its name suggests, is a virtual room that gives us an experience similar to other utilities that precede it in this list. It is a website through which we can watch videos but also listen to music together with our friends or other users. Soundcloud, Vimeo and YouTube content supported.

Apart from a synchronization system, it comes with other add-ons such as a voting system and moderation tools . Regarding this first and to give you an idea, each room allows its members to add videos and vote for them; the most popular will be the next to be displayed. All through an integrated chat system that includes the basic characteristics of this type of tool.



Simulchat’s approach is very similar to that of other applications that precede it in this compilation. Thus, it offers us the possibility to watch videos with our friends simultaneously –both from YouTube and other platforms for which it has specific sections-, and integrates chat features . In fact, it comes with voIP calls and video calls, perhaps one of its great differences compared to other similar services to synchronize content.

Before starting to use it and if you want to make a composition of how it works, you can opt for its “get a tour” , which will guide you through the different sections of the web. In addition to the above, it has an integrated search engine as well as a box to embed the link in question that we want to enjoy.

Let’s Gaze

Let’s Gaze is another of our favorites since, in addition to allowing us to synchronize the videos to enjoy them at the same time, despite the real distance that separates us. Very easy to use, we can start by inviting our friend through a unique URL generated by the site, but also through Facebook or by sending an email message .

As soon as our friend opens it, he will be asked to include the link with the YouTube video he wants you to see. Once playback starts, it does so simultaneously on both devices at the same time. In addition, it has some features of the previous tools such as the chat service, video call and the like. It also lets us view content from our own computer. If you want to get an idea of ​​how it works before using it, you can opt for its demo .



As for CyTube , it is a page that, despite its somewhat variegated interface, offers YouTube links and synchronizes all viewers at the same point in the video. To use it, yes, you will have to register at least as a guest, while to share video you must create a channel where you will be adding the content in question.

Other possibilities that it includes are to apply certain themes to your space to personalize it, etc. In addition to the Mountain View service, it is compatible with Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Twitch, JustinTV, UStrea, Imgur, RTMP livestreams, and some more.


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To finish, we are left with Wavelenght , a website that, despite its somewhat obsolete design, offers us benefits very similar to the rest of the platforms that we have included in this selection. In fact, its motto reads “Wavelength is a shared experience that allows you to create playlists in a live chat. Listen to music, watch videos and socialize together!

To start using it we will not have to register but the main page already includes a specific box that allows us to create our own room – it can be public or private, as indicated – by giving it a name. A little further down it gives us the option to connect with an existing one to enjoy content synchronized with other users.

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