Pdfsam: an excellent application to split and combine PDF files in Linux
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Pdfsam: an excellent application to split and combine PDF files in Linux

Nowadays the use of PDF files is almost essential for anyone , since a lot of information that hangs around the net is found in this popular format, we can find books, tutorials, instructions, presentations, among other things.

In Linux we have different PDF readers each with its characteristics. That is why today we are going to talk about an excellent PDF reader that I am sure will serve more than one.

PDFsam Basic is a free, open source, cross-platform application (available for Linux, Mac, and Windows) that is used to split, merge, extract pages, rotate, and mix PDF documents.

With PDFsam Basic you can mix, match or extract, divide and rotate pages by specifying page numbers.

However, PDFsam also allows them to rearrange PDF pages into a thumbnail view.

In this mode, you can easily work with thumbnails of merge, delete, rotate or PDF pages to reorder and save the results as another PDF file.

Among its main features that we can highlight from this application we can find:

  • Combine: The input PDF files can be totally or partially merged. A page selection can be set in the form of comma separated page ranges (Ex. 1-10,14,25-) that allows you to specify which pages you want to merge for each PDF file.
  • Divide: The selected PDF file can be divided after each page, generating a new document for each page in the original file, or after each odd page or always
  • Divide by bookmarks: Divide a PDF document into bookmarked pages by specifying a bookmark level
  • Alternative Mix: combine two documents taking pages, alternatively, in direct or reverse order
  • Rotate: Rotate the pages of multiple PDF documents.
  • Excerpt: Extract from the pages of a PDF document
  • Divide by size: Divide a PDF document into files of the determined size (more or less).

PDFsam Basic can be run on any operating system that has Java support , so in order to use this software on your system it is necessary to previously have java installed.

As a minimum requirement we must have version 8 of the Java JDK installed on the system.

How to install PDFsam Basic in Linux?


If you want to install this application on your system, you must follow the instructions that we share below according to the Linux distribution you are using.

We can install PDFsam Basic with the help of its official installer that we can find on its official website, this installer is in the deb format, for all those systems that are based on Debian or Ubuntu.

We only have to go to the following link to obtain it.

Once the download is done, we only have to install the deb package with our preferred software manager or from the command line we can do it with:

sudo dpkg -i pdfsam_3.3.7-1_all.deb

And in case of having problems with the dependencies we must type:

sudo apt -f install

Install PDFsam basic on Arch Linux and derivatives

It is very easy to install basic pdfsam in Arch Linux based distributions, such as Manjaro, Anterogs and others.

We only have to type in the terminal the following command:

sudo pacman -S pdfsam

Install PDFsam basic in OpenSUSE

In the case of those who are users of any version of openSUSE, they can obtain the installation package from the following link.

Install PDFsam basic in Fedora

While in the case of those who are Fedora users, we can make use of the openSUSE package, we only have to download it with:

wget http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/graphics/openSUSE_Factory/noarch/pdfsam-2.2.4-1.2.noarch.rpm

And we proceed to install the package with:

sudo rpm -i pdfsam-2.2.4-1.2.noarch.rpm

For the rest of the Linux distributions we can install from the source code of the application , we only have to download this from the following link.

Or from the terminal we can do it with:

wget https://github.com/torakiki/pdfsam/releases/download/v3.3.7/pdfsam-3.3.7-bin.zip

Once this is done we proceed to decompress the downloaded file.

unzip pdfsam-3.3.7-bin.zip

We enter the directory with:

cd pdfsam-3.3.7

And we can run the application with:

java -jar pdfsam-community-3.3.7.jar

And ready with it we can start using this application in our system.

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