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So you can remove malware from your Android

If you think that your cell phone has something bad in its system and you want to fight it quickly, here are some tips on how to remove malware from your Android.

It seems that every time the phones get smarter, they are more prone to attacks with malware , this is said because the number of viruses that haunt Android is increasing.

Accordingly, and knowing the damage they can cause if they stay on smartphones, a series of steps will be announced that can help eliminate malware from your Android .

But before starting, you must recognize the signs that indicate that the device in question is truly infected; Some of the most common signs are the constant advertising in the notification bar, the slowness of running other apps and the damaged information.

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How to remove malware from your Android

Start the mobile in safe mode
The first step in this short but effective procedure is to start the phone in safe mode, which you can do by holding down the power button for a few seconds when the phone is on and pressing the Power off option.

What will happen next is that some power options will appear, among them will be the option to Restart to safe mode.

With this, it is planned that the damage that the malware is causing will stop spreading to other places and / or mobile apps.

Go to Settings and look for the infected app
When you are in that section, you must go to Settings and then to Application Manager so that you can have face to face with apps that are suspected of causing evil on Android.

Once the culprit (s) have been identified (which were generally downloaded from places other than the Google Play Store), they should be deleted / uninstalled / forced to close immediately .

In the event that they cannot be deleted or uninstalled, you must leave there and go to the Security section and look for the option of Applications with use access or Applications with data of use and remove the use access.

The latter will ensure that they can be removed from the menu in which they were previously.

Install protective software
Last but not least, it is recommended that a protective software be installed so that, as its name says, it protects the cell phone and everything inside it; Some of the ones recommended to download from the Google Play Store are:

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