Superyacht’s Helipads.
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Superyacht’s Helipads.

Superyachts from around the world. Are the most lavis. Extravagant and stunning machines. Ever created the top of the list. Features on superyachts is an Helipad. Helipads are a superyacht's essential feature. Offering owners and guests to explore. More and get on and off. Their boat faster air tenders. Are the next level from traditional. Tenders offering an opportunity. To explore the remote corners. Of the globe or to move around. With ease and comfort helipads. Are available in all dimensions. And shapes on superyachts ranging. Including commercial grade landing. Pad to touchscreen decks. Not to mention it is important. Noting that even though one. Might think that helipads are only. Used by the largest vessels. The motor yacht Buckpasser. Among the first vessels to be. Fitted with a helipad back. In the 1980s at 36.8 meters. She's far from being the largest in the oceans.

Find below the complete list of the most stunning helicopter pads:

  1. Hodor, M/Y: Its 220m2 area is certified. Compliant with CAP 437 helicopter. Upper deck of 66 metres. Its Incat Crowther Shadow Cat is an Airbus H145 helicopter in matching stealth-grey color, as well as a variety of superyacht toys. Planet nine to prepare her for adventure. In the Antarctic Planet Nine's Helipad. Constructed with a lifting platform. That permits the aircraft to. Stored underneath the hangar. When it's not using it. It also allows the 73-meter. Explorer yacht to accommodate. Two helicopters simultaneously. Allow guests to get aboard. By helicopter while the helicopter. The planet nine's 73-metre. The world's most difficult corners, and includes expeditions into the Antarctic.
  1. M/Y Planet Nine: To prepare her for adventure to Antarctica Antarctic The helipad on Planet Nine has been designed with a lifting platform which allows the helicopter to be stored inside the hangar below when it is not being used. This allows the 73-metre Explorer Yacht to transport two helicopters at the same time and allow guests to get via chopper, while the helicopter of the owner is stored safely away. The planet Nine's 73-metre Planet Nine was built to explore the world's most difficult areas, with expeditions to the Antarctic.
  2. M/Y Alfa Nero: When Oceanco launched the 81-metre Alfa Nero in 2007 jaws across the globe fell. In the middle of the design for her outside was an enormous infinity pool, with glass front end that affords uninterrupted views of the ocean. If you blink, however, the pool vanishes. The pool's floor can be raised to make the appearance of a shallow pool for children, or raised to make a dancefloor, or, as you would guess it an air-craft landing pad. To keep with the elegance and style of the yacht the helipad too is embellished with teak H.
  1. Cloudbreak Cloudbreak: Espen Oino created Cloudbreak, a 72.25 meters Abeking & Rasmussen explorer yacht Cloudbreak with an entertainment lounge close to the helipad which means that returning heli-skiers can walk straight into to the Bell 429 Global Ranger and enjoy GoPro videos of the day's adventures at the top of their mountain. Built in 2016 to accommodate her adventurous owner, she comes with everything an adrenaline-loving shopper can want with an helicopter pad. The owner uses the helicopter to go helicopter skiing on mountains that are surrounded with fresh snow. In fact, there's an entertainment lounge right near the helideck that is ideal for viewing helmet footage of the day's activities
  2. M/Y Stella Maris: Yacht designer Espen Oino re-imagined the typically utilitarian helicopter deck of the revolutionary 72-metre superyacht of VSY Stella Maris. Oino imagined a helipad on a superyacht which was the central area. Instead of trying to hide the deck of the helicopter it defines the exterior design of Stella Maris, jutting out onto the upper deck. When it's not welcoming helicopters the vast deck is utilized to relax and socializing.
  3. M/Y Kismet This deck of the 95.2-metre Lurssen superyacht Kismet is specifically designed for basketball in half-court format however, it could also be used as a touch-and-go Helipad. The owner of the yacht is a sports enthusiast. Shahid Kahn has sports interests each side of the Atlantic and owns as well Fulham FC and the Jacksonville Jaguars basketball team and Fulham FC.
  4. M/Y. Eclipse as the 2nd-largest vessel in the world it is the 162.5 meters of Blohm+VossEclipse have plenty of space for a helicopter to take off. Here we see one gliding onto the helideck of the bow of the yacht. The Eclipse helicopter is tucked away inside a hangar beneath the foredeck , in a specially constructed Heli-garage.

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