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This website has a prime objective to provide awareness about Hacking, Viruses, Cybersecurity etc. among our readers

We would like that people, who are not the part of our editorial team, should also participate and give their opinion through the given email address abc@tonodoid.com

Idea Sharing: If you have an idea on relevant topic, and you want to share it, please send the outline to our editorial team

Sending a blog post: If you want to send a complete blog post, then you can send it also but please follow the guideline and requirements of the website

Samples: You can also send your writings about Decrypt Ransomware free tools or about making computer backup

However, all the writings that you send, should go through the filter of our editorial team. They can edit, modify, accept or completely reject the writing. If the editorial team accepts your writing, then it will be published in 7 working days

Guidelines for the Writings

One of the most important thing for a writing to get accepted is that it must have the content which provides awareness regarding cyber or computer security. The writing must be supported by relevant references and author’s own opinion.

The topic: It must be relevant and current. It is allowed to present a controversial topic but the topic should present and highlight the problem and solution of the problems

Rejection: The writing could be rejected if the topic is not relevant, if the material is plagiarised or the content presents wrong facts or distort facts. The writing should stick to one topic and cover all its aspects instead of touching several topics in one article

Length: The writings should not be more than 1000 words and not less than 800 words because with this length, search engines can easily optimised the content. However, even, if the writing is more than 1000 words it should be completely relevant to the topic

Links: the Writing must contain the links of the references so that the reader can check the sources also and can understand the background of the writing

Intent: The intent of the writing should focus on the solution of the problems of privacy and security instead of explaining the problem because the readers are already aware of the problems

Personal Opinion: the personal opinion of the author enhanced the credibility of writing so author’s opinion is always encouraged

Style: Although the bullet points or the numbered list is acceptable to some extent but its use should be restricted and can only be used where necessary

Paragraphs: Don’t use very long paragraphs or the technical jargon or such language which is not easily understood by majority of the readers

Images: the use of relevant images are encouraged. However, the writer must ensure that the images he or she is using must be available freely and have no restrictions to be used

Deadlines: Although there is no specific deadlines but the blog is updated on weekly basis. If you use a topic which is time relevant, it will be reviewed and published on priority basis by the editorial team. These time-specific articles are get back to the writer with the verdict